Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Transfer 37

Hello family.
Well I am beginning Transfer number 7. Crazy. I'm still staying in this area with Sister Salabao, so no new changes. I think most of our district is staying the same too. It doesn't even really feel like transfers happened.
This week was good, though. Last P day Sister Salabao and I went to Carkeek Park and hiked around and stuff. It was so fun. I'll send picture next week. It was really beautiful. Seriously everyday I'm just amazed by the beauty up here. I love it. We have such a beautiful world to live in.
We had a huge miracle this week! Donna came to church on Sunday! It was so great. This is a big deal. It is so hard to get people to church so we were so happy she came. The night before she offered the most sincere prayer we've ever heard her offer. She's so sweet. Things just kind of move slow. She struggles to really grasp the concepts that we're teaching her so we have to be as simple and clear as possible and review lots. It's just sometimes hard because she loves to talk but doesn't always love to listen. But I'm really hoping that this transfer Sister Salabao and I can help her enter into the waters of baptism. This week we did some service for her and helped her organize. This woman had hundreds of greeting cards. Oh my goodness. Her kitchen was overflowing with cards. So we helped her sort and organize and get rid of things. She gave some of them to us so I have some pretty funny cards now. And you know how much I love cards. The only problem is they smell like smoke. Donna is a heavy smoker and every time we leave from her house Sister Salabao and I just smell horrid. I'm probably taking a few years off my life or something being exposed to such smoke.
I think I told you but we're trying to go through our ward list. We have so many less actives and part member families. It really just breaks my heart. So many people are just so hardened. They don't want to come back. They were offended, or they think they're good right now and don't need the gospel, or they've become anti-religion or whatever else it may be. It really is just so important that we always cultivate our testimonies and allow ourselves to become truly converted to the gospel. This is the most important thing in our lives. We need to make sure that we always treat it as such. We can't let our testimonies fall to the wayside. We have had two big miracles though. Two less active families that we met last night were actually nice to us. We couldn't believe it. It's usually the inactive families that we try from the ward list who are the rudest to us. But we have appointments with them for next week so we are so excited.
Lately we've had a lot of people yell at us for knocking on their door because they have No Soliciting signs. Even though we're not solicitors. But, wow. Some people are just really, really mean. Sometimes it shocks me at the lack of manners people have. But all is well. For every person that yells at us or tells us we have no idea what we're talking about hopefully it just gets us that much closer to the elect--the people who are willing to repent and progress.
Well I love you all. Hope you're doing well. Hope you're feeling better, Joe. Make sure to read your scriptures everyday, okay?! CTR Always!
Sister Veronica White

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