Monday, February 3, 2014

Everybody Loves the Seahawks!

 Look at how gorgeous this view is.. This is out back one of our member's homes. The Seafeldt family. Most of these pictures are from our day with them yesterday. They are this really funny, old couple. She's from England originally. They have lived all over the world for his work. She joined the church 25 years ago. He's not a member. He's Jewish. He knows a lot about the church, though. But doesn't want to join.

 My and my comp.
 Me and Sister Seafledt. She's a funny lady.

 It sort of became a photo shoot.
 So they are really funny and have lots of little trinkets and toys, etc. They have this parrot that they were showing us that they just absolutely love and they think it is so cute. It even dances. Brother Seafeldt wanted us to get photos with it. haha.
 My adorable little Filipino companion. I love her!

 Just another one of their toys that Brother Seafeldt told us to get pictures with. They named him Leo and they think he looks real. Brother Seafeldt told me that I was going to scare my family with this photo because Leo is so real looking. haha. He's great. He told me to tell you: This is Mr. Seafeldt's cat.
Lighting is weird. but this is Sister Bruening and me. I love her so much!
Hello family!
This week was really good. Sister Salbao and I saw a lot of miracles. I don't even know where to begin or if I'll even remember everything but I will try my best.
So, do you remember Pat who has the German Shepherd that likes to eat my hair? Well this week our Bishop did a little open house thing at his house where he invited some members and we invited our investigators so they could meet, etc. It was so great. I really love our Bishop and his family. Anyway, Pat came to that! You don't even know what a great miracle that is. She is very introverted. She doesn't really talk to people or ever have them over. Anyway, we invited her and were praying so hard that she'd come. She said she would but just for a few minutes. She ended up staying the whole hour and a half and were talking to some of the ladies there. She just had such a huge smile on her face and she kept looking over at me throughout the evening with a cute little smile on her face. Like she knew I was proud of her or something. Now next week we are going to have a lesson with her with our Bishop's mother-in-law as fellowship at her house. I'm just so excited. It may not seem like a huge deal, but it is. She made friends and she was happy. It truly is by small and simple things that great things come to pass. I'm so excited to work with her.
Also, let me tell you about Donna. She is another old lady. I really love all these older people I'm working with right now. She's had missionaries on and off for the last few years come and teach her. Pretty much everyone has given up hope on her. She really loves her cigarettes and she doesn't really keep commitments but she does love what she learns and she thinks missionaries are great. Anyway, I've really felt like we should visit her lately. Finally we did and we had a great lesson. She loves to talk and she gets distracted easily. But towards the end it became really spiritual and we talked about how it's decision time. No more of this back and forth. She needs to decide what to do. she agreed. We read the book of Mormon introduction with her and she told us that she hasn't really put forth an effort to sincerely read and pray about it. So she's doing that this week. And we're going over there tomorrow to watch the Joseph Smith movie with her. She was baptized as a Catholic and she doesn't want to get baptized again. She doesn't see the need for it. So we're trying to help her gain a testimony of Joseph smith as a prophet so that she can know for herselt that the Restoration happened and that the Priesthood power has been restored. and that's why it's so important. Anyway, she's great. She's this really old lady with a thick New Jersey accent and smokes all the time. She definitely has some things she'll have to overcome, but I know that she can do it. Keep her in your prayers, please. And Pat. I just love them so much.
We went to a Filipino restaurant the other day. It was actually really good food. The concept of it was cool too. It's all you can eat but they roll out the individual plates out to you and you pick what you want. It was delicious. I think you guys would like it
The Seafeldts.. they are so funny. I told you a little about them in the pictures. Anyway, he's Jewish. We watched the Joseph Smith movie with them yesterday. they invited us to their home because they weren't going to watch the Super Bowl. He thought it was a great movie but he's pretty stubborn. Kind of stuck in his ways and thinks he's too old to change. Hopefully his heart can be a little more softened. Salvation is for everyone! No matter how old you are.
Seahawks.. oh boy. the week leading up to the game. Seahawks stuff everywhere... on cars, flags, stores, homes, people. It was ridiculous. There was even someone at church that had a number twelve attached to his suit coat. It's a little over the top. But I'm glad they won. Hopefully everyone will be in such good moods that they'll be nice to us and listen to the gospel, yeah?
Read 1 Nephi 15:24. It's great. The scriptures really do protect us. Read them everyday. Feast upon them. They are wonderful. Well I love you all so much. I love this gospel as well. I love my new area and I love being a missionary. CTR always.
Sister Veronica White

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