Monday, January 27, 2014


Hi family! This week was good. There were definitely a lot of ups and downs. But let's focus on the ups, yeah? Sister Salabao has decided to stay. That's definitely good. Also, we had the chance to go on exchanges this last week. I was with Sister Bruening. She's a Russian speaking sister. Which makes me so sad because it probably means I will never be her companion. But oh my goodness, I think she is one of the most amazing missionaries I have ever met. My day spent with her was probably one of the best days I've ever had as a missionary. We literally talked with everyone. We spent all day long outside testifying to people and it was just swell. We didn't even get into our car until 4:30. And we only took a ten minute dinner break because there were just too many people to talk to. We had an amazing district meeting that really inspired us. We were challenged to extend the baptismal commitment at least five times that day and to ask for referrals from everyone. It was great! By the end of the day we were talking to people who willingly gave us their phone numbers or who invited us to come back a different night. We saw SO MANY miracles. We were just in shock. I know it's because Heavenly Father saw how dedicated we were to sharing the gospel. And He placed individuals in our path who were ready. It was just so incredible. I want everyday to be like that day. And it definitely can be if we show Heavenly Father how dedicated we are to sharing His gospel. I'm really grateful for Sister Bruening.
This weekend we had Stake Conference. Elder Robert M. Call and Elder Bruce D. Porter of the 70 came and spoke. It was incredible. We were invited to the Saturday night session of Stake Conference and it was all about missionary work and how we NEED to reach out to those around us. It's our responsibility. Have you heard of the book The Power of Everyday Missionaries? You should read it. I'm going to read it when I get home. Anyway, the spirit was just so strong during the two meetings. There is no doubt in my mind that the gospel is true and that we have a prophet of God who leads our church. The Priesthood is real. I'm just so grateful to be a member of this church.
So, a few stories from this last week. One night this week we went to this lady, Sanait's home. She knows a member from the ward so us missionaries helped her move last week. To thank us she made dinner for us. It was all Ethiopian food. They don't use utensils. They use this sort of flat pancake bread stuff and grab their food with it. Surrounding the table there was my companion from the Philippines, the elder from Tonga, their friend from Iran, and then the Ethiopians. It was pretty cool. The food was so gross though. Some of it was really spicy. And then there were intestines.. oh my goodness. Elder Fifita (the Tongan) loved them. The juice/sauce stuff they were in had soaked into the bread and I almost threw up when I tried to eat it. But you would have been so proud of me. I ate most of it anyway, even though I was dying a little bit inside. I've become a lot better at eating things I don't like. I guess I can thank the Samoan ward for that. For real, though. Since being on my mission I've eaten Vietnamese food, Samoan food, Ethiopian food... just very diverse.
Also, another funny story I thought you'd appreciate. I was completely attacked by a German Shepherd. I'm not lying, I really thought I might die. It was probably the most scared I've ever been as a missionary. Okay, so there's this lady named Pat that we met one night tracting. She said she was too busy to talk to us but we said a prayer with her and sang to her. I felt like we should go back and see her yesterday. She's really sweet. She lives all alone and she has two dogs. They're both super obnoxious, though. I hate them. She put them in these little kennel things and then invited us in. They were barking and being really loud so she decided she was going to put the German Shepherd outside. As she was opening the kennel she warned us that she might come over to us but that we should just push her down. This was enough to freak me out but there was nothing I could do. She opened the kennel and the dog went crazy. It jumped onto the couch that I was sitting on and started barking and attacking me. It was practically eating my hair and it scratched my face and was on top of me and there was nothing I could do. I really thought I might die. She tried to get it off of me but the stupid dog was so big and Pat couldn't get control of it. She finally started to get it off and was trying to lead it outside when it jumped back on me and started again. Then it went over to Sister Salabao for a minute and then came back to me. Luckily it never actually bit me. But it tangled my hair and it got slobber on Sister Salabao's coat and my hair. And it was just so, so awful. I really hate dogs. She was really apologetic. I hope Heavenly Father is proud of me because I was able to get through that whole stupid ordeal without crying. We had a good Restoration lesson though at least. All is well.
This week multiple people have told me that I'm crazy to believe in the Mormon faith. They've told me that Joseph Smith was a con man. That the Bible is the only true book, etc. This morning I was reading The Testimony of Joseph Smith and the Introduction to the Book of Mormon. It is pretty miraculous... the fact that Joseph Smith was visited by the angel Moroni and was able to translate the Book of Mormon. But God is a God of miracles and I know that Joseph Smith did not lie. He saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ in a grove of trees. He was visited by the angel Moroni. He was able to translate the Book of Mormon through the power of God. The Book of Mormon is true. It brings peace and happiness to our lives. The best thing is that we don't just have to take his word for it. We can pray and find out for ourselves if these things are true. It breaks my heart when people are so close minded, but I know that we are doing the Lord's work. The gospel is simple. It's true. It brings joy. God is real and He loves us. The Savior performed the Atonement and He lives. Life is great! Love you all!
Sister Veronica White

Monday, January 20, 2014

Carkeek Park Ward


How are you all? Hope you're doing well. Good luck in your game today, Joe. I'm sure you'll do great.

So... to answer a few of your questions, Mom. You asked if I was feeling happy, lonely, excited about this transfer. Pretty much all of the above. It's very different from my last area, that's for sure. I'm no longer in such a poor area. There are way more white people here than my last area.  I saw a Samoan the other day and it made me so happy. I felt at home. haha. I talked to them for a sec but they were busy. It's actually funny, though. It's a house that I had tried at the beginning of my mission with Sister McBride. Who knew I'd be serving in this area. 
Anyway, I feel a little scattered, so hopefully this email makes sense. It's been a good week. A very humbling week for me. There's been so much change. But change can be a good thing. 
Basically people's excuses during tracting situations have changed from "No speak English" to just "Close the gate on your way out" and a slammed door to the face. My area isn't one of the richest areas in the mission, but it's much richer than where I was serving before. I think I've had more slammed doors in the face this week than ever before. Lots of people will say they already have a religion or they're not interested or they don't believe in what we believe. We had one lady yell at us that she already had a religion and that we should stop pushing ours onto others.. and then a slammed door. Her house was really beautiful, though. I really like some of the houses that I see. There's one area that we've been tracting that has a lot of older homes but they're so nice inside.. well the little bit of the entryway that I get to see for about five seconds is really nice. haha. 
Our mission has this thing called Sacred Finding Time from 5 to 7 pm. I never did it before because I was in the Samoan ward and tracting wasn't effective for our area. But basically it's street contacting or tracting for those two hours everyday. I like it. Our area is pretty residential, so there aren't a lot of people walking around so it's more tracting for us. It's a little hard sometimes because I'll try to make a suggestion about where to tract but Sister Salabao and Sister Dobbins will have already tracted there. Or the elders. But all is well. There are still people to find. I'm just trying to stay positive because it's Satan who wants me to feel discouraged. And I refuse to let him win. 
We have a couple investigators who are Filipino so that's great. Sister Salabao can speak to them in Tagalog. Other than that we don't really have a teaching pool. So that's the goal this week.. increase our teaching pool. Find some miracles! 
The ward seems really great. I know that I'm going to love this area. It's going to be a great experience. It's a little hard right now, but we go through trials for a reason. All will be well. 
The gospel is true! I love you all so much and I pray for you everyday. CTR! 
Sister Veronica White

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I'm Out of Samoa


 Saying goodbye to Fuifui and Naomi this morning. It was kind of breaking my heart. I will really miss them.
 I will really, really miss Fuifui. She has become one of my very best friends. She's amazing.
 So we come home last night to find this... From Elder Flake and Elder Andersen. So kind of them. There was a sticky note that said "Got ya some firewood."
This is Elder Strawmen. Sister Whetten and I made him. Isn't he just the cutest? I love him!
Hello family!
Well I was transferred. After serving a solid seven months in Samoa, I'm gone. I'm really sad to leave my greenie area. I was there so long. And things were really starting to pick up in the work. I worked my brains out. But all is well. Heavenly Father has something else in store for me.
I'm in the Carkeek Park ward. In the Shoreline Zone. I am sad to leave the Seattle Zone. But there are definitely miracles to be had here in this zone. I'm excited to work with my companion. Her name is Sister Salabao. She is from the Philippines. Her English is pretty good, but it's a little hard for her. It'll take a little getting used to, but I'm really excited to work with her. She is so sweet! She is the only active member of her family and her dad and younger siblings aren't members. I can already tell that I am going to learn so much from her. This is the beginning of her fourth transfer. She's served in this ward her whole mission so far. The sister that I'm replacing was here for just as long as well so I'm sure the ward will really miss her.
It'll be very different to be in a palagi ward again. No more fafagas every night! No more Samoan food. And hopefully no more fried chicken! We had fried chicken two or three times last week. I will really miss some of my friends that I made in that ward and Jubi and AJ, two of our investigators. But I am ready for this new start. A completely new area with new missionaries, new challenges, new miracles to find, new everything. It'll be good. I'm ready for growth. That's one of my favorite things about being a missionary... the growth that we get to experience. You grow so much spiritually, temporally, and even physically (at least when you're in a Samoan ward for seven months :) haha.)
A funny story really fast. About how much I hate dogs. Last week we were visiting a less active, Lepe, who has a big, mean husky named Demon. Yep, his name is Demon. And I'm terrified of him. Anyway, she told us that she was busy and to come back another time, but as we were getting ready to leave Demon tries to bolt out the door. Luckily  Lepe caught him but I was still terrified so I hurried and turned around and told Sister Whetten to help me. It was really slippery because of it was raining and there's a little hill to get to her door with overgrown stepping stones so I was trying to walk away fast and I totally slipped and twisted my left knee and landed on my right let and arm. They were twisted in weird ways and it was so funny. I was dying laughing. And also kind of crying because it hurt. But mostly just laughing. The whole right side of my body was covered in mud. My gray tights looked gross and my glove was so dirty and my coat and my skirt. It was so funny. Did I mention that I really don't like dogs.
Sister Nudd, one of the sisters from our zone, had a concussion this last week so we went on exchanges with her and Sister McBride (her comp) a few times this last week which was really fun. Scary thing. Sister McBride and I were driving to a teaching appointment in Kent and we were on the freeway and got rear ended. Luckily nothing happened. All is well and we are all safe, so don't worry. No injuries, no damage to the car. Very grateful to Heavenly Father for protecting us. Sister Nudd is amazing though. I hope to be companions with her someday. She is a convert of almost two years and has no support from her family back home. She's just so strong. I'm really amazed by some of the people I meet. Everyone is just incredible and there are so many lessons we can learn from them. I love people!
Really sad news.. Sister Toala passed away and her funeral was last week. So we went to her viewing and funeral. It was interesting to see how a Samoan funeral was done. The Toala family is amazing though. Paul came back home from the MTC for the weekend of it to be there. And then he flew out to Mexico yesterday. I feel so bad. I can't imagine losing my Mom while on a mission. She had cancer for about two years. In his farewell talk he talked about how it was difficult leaving her in the condition that she was in but that he was excited to get home and give her a big hug. It was breaking my heart seeing him. I really respect him. He has a lot of strength. He knows that there are things he needs to do in Mexico. But it would be so hard to leave your family. They are one of my favorite families from the ward. Brother Toala is just the sweetest. I'm so grateful for the knowledge that we have of the Plan of Salvation. That is what we preach! This gospel is true and I'm so grateful for it in my life. I don't know what I'd do without it.

 I love it so much and that is why I'm out here. I want to share the blessings of the gospel with others. I'm so excited to be in this new ward and to meet these people. I'm excited to preach the gospel. I know, without a doubt, that it was restored by Joseph Smith. It is the gospel of Jesus Christ. He is real and He lives and He loves us so much. The way has been provided for us to be truly happy in this life and that is through the gospel. Read your scriptures everyday. The Lord has asked us to. It brings peace in our lives. Pray everyday. Make good decisions and kick Satan in the teeth! Love you all so much. You're in my prayers.

Sister Veronica White

Monday, January 6, 2014


Talofa family.
So Satan's mouth must really be hurting. This week was incredible. We've done a lot of kicking to his stupid teeth.  Probably one of the best weeks I've ever had as a missionary. There were just so, so many miracles. Heavenly Father is so aware of us and our area and He loves us and these Samoans that we are working with. Oh my, where to even begin?
First off, let me tell you a few nonspiritual things. I have had NO fried chicken the last week. Actually since the time we had it four nights in a row. Heavenly Father answers prayers. Because I prayed for no more fried chicken and I haven't had to gag any of it down lately. Thank goodness. Also, I'm a bit of a freak. We were talking to this Samoan man who was outside. Usually we can't get into his house because he has these huge Beware of Dog signs and the dog is ready to eat us and is super scary. But he was outside so we talked to him for a little while. Then as we were leaving we turned the corner around his fence and the dog barked so loud and jumped on the fence and I screamed like a little girl and jumped so high. It was so embarrassing. And earlier in the week I freaked out at someone's dog too. He had just woken up but he let us in. So I was the last one in because I was taking off my shoes and as I walked through the door the dog came up to me and started touching my hand which made me do this weird little scream thing. Sister Whetten started laughing at me. The guy wasn't very amused. I told him I was really sorry. Anyway, come to find out that the dog only had three legs. Oh my. I'm a horrible person. And so embarrassing.
Ok, so I think I told you about Jubi last week, yeah? He's amazing! Well we went back to his house to meet with him. He was gone but we met someone named AJ. He's twenty years old and is so prepared for the gospel as well. I just seriously love that house so much. He was so sweet and humble. And so interested in hearing about the gospel. I just love him so much! He was really excited to come to church on Sunday. Sadly, he didn't make it. I'm not sure what happened because he was really solid on coming. But we're going over there tonight. We're going to try and set up a church tour with him and teach him more this week.
We've been getting a lot of referrals lately. It's such a huge blessing. I think I've gotten more referrals this transfer than my last four transfers combined. And the great thing is that they are for this area. We can actually go and contact them and get a hold of them. Well, at least try to :)
We had a really powerful teaching experience with Juliann. She's the one who I met in the summer who was leaving for college and then she's been home the last few weeks from college. We had wanted to baptize her before she left. We feel that she was so, so ready and that we did everything in our power to help her. But it was her decision and she decided that she wanted more time. But all is well. We're going to get her address and refer her to missionaries over there in college. But anyway, we had the most amazing teaching experience. I don't know if I've ever felt the power of the Holy Ghost working through me and my companion more than I did that night. Literally I felt the presence of the Savior there. He was laboring alongside us. (Jacob 5:72) I can't even express in words just how amazing it was. He was there. He was with us. The Holy Ghost is real. I'm so grateful to get to be a vessel for the Holy Ghost to work through as I do my best to be a diligent and worthy missionary.
A few other miracles really fast. The elders had an investigator, Solomona, that they were working with over the summer. The address that they had written down didn't make any sense. But the other day we were driving and Heavenly Father led me right to it. It was such a miracle. So we found his house and we're going to try back later this week! Also, we met another new investigator named Emile. We were trying a potential and she wasn't home. So we were walking back to our car and Fui was with us. She pointed out that he was Samoan so we started running after him. It was slightly awkward but we had a great discussion about the Book of Mormon and we're going back over there later this week. I'm so excited!

 Also, speaking of chasing Samoans. Sister Whetten and I were driving to a potential on Pac Highway, one of the main roads when we saw two Samoans. We were already running late so we decided to keep going. But then I felt really strongly that we needed to turn back around and go to them. So we flipped around and parked the car and started running after them. Their names are Frank and Anthony. They're in their twenties. They believe in God but they told us right now that they are worldly. They know eventually that they will come back to God but right now they feel like they have one foot pointed towards God and the other in the world and that right now the world is winning. He was saying that he's done some bad things and lived a sinful life. All while smoking. We talked to them for a little bit and asked what was keeping them back from getting rid of the world. How time is a precious gift and he's wasting his time and how God wants him to be happy and the only way to be happy is to line his will with God's. It was so good. They just barely moved from Hawaii and right now they're living in a motel. But we got their phone number. They were also supposed to come to church but sadly didn't. I don't know what the deal is with church attendance! But all is well. We'll talk to them this week.

There was one day this week that it was freezing cold and pelting rain. I started talking to this man on the street who was walking so fast to get out of the rain. So I was running along side him basically yelling at him about the Book of Mormon because the street was so loud. It was so cold and my tights and shoes were soaked and the rain was beating down on my face and I was running to keep up with him and it was one of the happiest moments ever! It just felt so good! I felt like such a missionary. Ah, I just love missionary work so much! The cold, rainy days are actually sometimes my favorite. haha. I'm weird.
We had so many more miracles as well. New investigators. Even older Samoans who were willing to talk to us. Usually old Samoans are so hard because they're so stubborn and set in their own church. But there was this old couple who was really nice to us. There was definitely a language barrier but we are going to go back and bring someone who can speak good Samoan. And the Siufanua family, a less active family, actually answered the door this week and was strangely excited to me. They were really nice. Usually they aren't. Seriously Heavenly Father has just been performing so many miracles. People were so nice to us this week. And interested. It's been incredible. I can't even put into words how great I feel! Missionary work is just the best. It is the Lord's work and He loves us.
Transfers are happening next week and I'm really nervous. I've been here so long that I feel like I will be transferred. But I want one more transfer here. Things are really starting to pick up. We're actually getting a teaching pool. Things are just so great. Which is why I think Heavenly Father might transfer me. I'll put so much hard work into this area and then as soon as things are amazing I'll have to leave. But whatever happens, all will be well. Heavenly Father knows us and loves us. This gospel is so true. Read your scriptures and CTR!
Love you all!
Sister Veronica White