Monday, January 20, 2014

Carkeek Park Ward


How are you all? Hope you're doing well. Good luck in your game today, Joe. I'm sure you'll do great.

So... to answer a few of your questions, Mom. You asked if I was feeling happy, lonely, excited about this transfer. Pretty much all of the above. It's very different from my last area, that's for sure. I'm no longer in such a poor area. There are way more white people here than my last area.  I saw a Samoan the other day and it made me so happy. I felt at home. haha. I talked to them for a sec but they were busy. It's actually funny, though. It's a house that I had tried at the beginning of my mission with Sister McBride. Who knew I'd be serving in this area. 
Anyway, I feel a little scattered, so hopefully this email makes sense. It's been a good week. A very humbling week for me. There's been so much change. But change can be a good thing. 
Basically people's excuses during tracting situations have changed from "No speak English" to just "Close the gate on your way out" and a slammed door to the face. My area isn't one of the richest areas in the mission, but it's much richer than where I was serving before. I think I've had more slammed doors in the face this week than ever before. Lots of people will say they already have a religion or they're not interested or they don't believe in what we believe. We had one lady yell at us that she already had a religion and that we should stop pushing ours onto others.. and then a slammed door. Her house was really beautiful, though. I really like some of the houses that I see. There's one area that we've been tracting that has a lot of older homes but they're so nice inside.. well the little bit of the entryway that I get to see for about five seconds is really nice. haha. 
Our mission has this thing called Sacred Finding Time from 5 to 7 pm. I never did it before because I was in the Samoan ward and tracting wasn't effective for our area. But basically it's street contacting or tracting for those two hours everyday. I like it. Our area is pretty residential, so there aren't a lot of people walking around so it's more tracting for us. It's a little hard sometimes because I'll try to make a suggestion about where to tract but Sister Salabao and Sister Dobbins will have already tracted there. Or the elders. But all is well. There are still people to find. I'm just trying to stay positive because it's Satan who wants me to feel discouraged. And I refuse to let him win. 
We have a couple investigators who are Filipino so that's great. Sister Salabao can speak to them in Tagalog. Other than that we don't really have a teaching pool. So that's the goal this week.. increase our teaching pool. Find some miracles! 
The ward seems really great. I know that I'm going to love this area. It's going to be a great experience. It's a little hard right now, but we go through trials for a reason. All will be well. 
The gospel is true! I love you all so much and I pray for you everyday. CTR! 
Sister Veronica White

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