Monday, October 14, 2013

Last Week Before Transfers

 We were driving one night and we saw this great dane. At least I think it's a great dane.. It was kinda spooky. Just standing in the middle of the road in the dark. I tried to snap a pic for Dad and Savannah with my comp's camera but it was on a weird setting. So really it just makes it look even spookier.

Fui comes out with us all the time. I love this girl so much. She was baptized three years ago. She has such a strong testimony and is preparing to go on a mission for when she turns 19.
TALOFA AIGA! This week was just lovely. Being a missionary is the very best thing ever.
So you know how on Monday our car was broken into. Well Tuesday morning our vehicle coordinator calls us and tells us we can't drive the car because the registration was stolen. This of course was right after we had just finished planning our lessons for the day and most of the day was going to be spent in Des Moines (kind of far away). It was just really funny. I started laughing. Because there are like two Samoans that live kind of close to us. So we went and tried to visit them but neither of them were home. So we spent the day walking around and tracting. And of course it was rainy that day. I actually loved it though. We had Sister Tanielu with us. She's actually Samoan. She's waiting for her Visa to go to Australia and she's in a trio with Sister McBride in the Tongan ward. They had a leadership meeting they had to go to so Sister Tanielu got to spend the day with us! It was lots of fun. I really love her! So we spent the day walking around. I just kept laughing all day. I thought it was a really fun adventure. Sister Tanielu also thought it was fun. Sister Smalley.. not so much. She didn't complain though. She was good. Just not quite as enthusiastic as we were.
We walked over seven miles. By the end of the night our feet were pretty cold and wet and tired but it was an adventure! Something I'll always remember from my mission. We were spoken to in tongues that day. It was quite the experience. This lady was telling us that we needed to leave the Mormon cult. She was telling us about how the Book of Mormon wasn't true. But she's never read it. She just automatically knows it's not true. And she was fasting that day and telling us how she is filled with the Holy ghost so that she can speak tongues and not even she can understand it. Because that sounds like the Holy Ghost, right? Making us say gibberish that not even we can understand. The Holy Ghost is truth. Anyway, I'm pretty sure she might have cast a spell on us or something. It was pretty weird. Sadly, she was the only Samoan we talked to that day. But we did get some referrals for other missionaries from our long tracting day.
Siona was supposed to get married this Friday and then baptized on Saturday. So sad. He fell off date. He's not getting married this week. He's receiving a lot of opposition from his wife. I wish there was something more we could do to help him. He has a strong testimony and he loves the church but he can't be baptized until he's married. We just have to keep having faith. I know God wants him to be baptized as well and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost so we just have to trust in Him and His timing. I'm a little worried for him though because he didn't come to church yesterday. That makes about a month since he hasn't been to church. So really pray for him please.
I wanted to tell you about mission president interviews. They happened two weeks ago but I'm pretty sure I forgot to tell you about them. If this is repeat, lo siento. But during my interview with Sister Choi the Spirit was so strong. She is the sweetest woman ever. She was asking how training was going. She said "You're still really new in the mission and you're already training. Is it going ok?" I told her it was. Then she told me about an experience that she had that just touched my heart. She said she was praying to Heavenly Father about me. Specifically for me. Because she was worried about me. She told me she was telling Heavenly Father that she was worried because I was so young--in years and in the mission and that she was worried for me training someone who is matured. She didn't know if it would be too much for me to handle. She told me that in response to her prayer it was like God told her, "My daughter, do not worry. I trust her." Wow. This really got to me. In a few different ways. First of all, how sweet is Sister Choi. She is such a good, Christlike woman. Second of all, God trusts me so much. President and Sister Choi and God have put a lot of trust in me with training Sister Smalley. I want to do my very best and not disappoint them.
Well, I've got to go. I love you all so much. Today we get to go downtown for P day. So hopefully next week I'll have lots of fun pictures from the market, etc. I'm so, so excited. It'll be good.
Remember to read your scriptures. You should all read Helaman 5. I read it this morning and it was so good! Loved it.
I hope you had fun in California and were able to drive back safe. Choose the right. Love you tons!
Sister Veronica White

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