Monday, October 28, 2013


Me with my gift basket.
All the stuff in the gift basket. Ridiculous.

Hello family!
How are all of you? Hope you're doing well. This week was good. We had a really good lesson with Casandra early on in the week about the Book of Mormon. She defended it talking to someone else of another faith who was saying bad things about it. But she still hasn't read from it by herself and prayed about it. Just read the things we've read with her. She told us she would. Later on in the week we went over there to help her pack up. Her family and parents-in-law are moving out of the apartment they're in right now and to a house. So we were helping her pack and then we shared a scripture about the Atonement in Alma 7 and then she asked us if we could finish the chapter. She had lots of good questions. At the end she basically told us she believes The Book of Mormon is true. It was really good. I just love her so much. But really keep her in your prayers. She didn't come to church yesterday. She said she would but she didn't make it. They were moving this weekend so that might be why. But unless she starts coming to church she can't progress and be baptized. And she's so ready for the blessings of the gospel. She's just amazing. Hopefully she'll be able to come to church next week.
We really struggle with getting people to come to church. It's ridiculous. We'll have really amazing lessons with people where the Spirit is strong and where they tell us they'll come to church and then on Sunday...nothing. The elders are also really struggling with church attendance as well. I don't know what the deal is. 9 is really early for Samoans. But do it for the Lord! Anyway, all is well, though. Things will start to pick up I'm sure.
So we had fafaga with the Iosuas this week. We've never had fafaga with them before. Anyway, they're not your typical Samoans. Meaning they live in a nice house with their family. There's not 22 Samoans who are all kind of related in some way living in one apartment. So we go over there and there's china dishes on the dining room table. The food was very Samoan so basically I ate tons of rounds of rice for dinner so it looked like I was eating a lot. I just couldn't handle the pasta salad or the taro or the ribs. But at the end of fafaga their daughter comes out with gift baskets for each of us missionaries. It was insane. I'll send you a pic of it. Overflowing with things. It was like Christmas. I felt so awkward taking it. But Samoans love feeding us missionaries. They treat it like it's a huge honor or something and they like to give us stuff. They're all really sweet
Funny story. We went to visit Bishop's family one night this week just to see if there was anything we could do for them. They're a really sweet family. They have two little kids and a third on the way. Anyway, when we were getting ready to go Sina (Bishop's wife) said she would meet us out front. She went out the side door and was getting something from her car while we went out front. She tried to give us some money. She felt bad that she hadn't prepared anything for us to eat so she was trying to give us money so we could go get hot chocolate and something to eat. Oh my goodness. Samoans. We told her no but she handed it to us anyway. We were pretty much going back and forth for a couple of minutes when I just told her she could prepare something for us next time. Then we handed it back to her and pretty much ran from her. She started chasing us. hahahaha. It was so funny. It was making me laugh so hard. But quickly I realized I was running from Bishop's pregnant wife. Very amusing. But I ended up victorious--she kept her money. I was pretty proud of myself, not gonna lie. But we were just laughing so hard. Only in a Samoan ward do you run down the driveway from your bishop's pregnant wife trying to avoid taking their money.
But anyway, I gotta go. Love you all so much! Choose the right. Read your scriptures. The church is true.
Sister Veronica White

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