Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Another Transfer!

Dear family,

I am staying here in Burien with Sister Dobbins! I have had a grin on my face ever since last night when we found out. I can't take it off my face. I'm just so happy to be here in Burien for another transfer and to continue to work with these people. And to be with Sister Dobbins. We get along so well and I'm just so grateful for her. She's a huge blessing! 

So... this week was fun. Lots of really funny things happened. I'm not the best story teller so I don't know whether I'll be able to adequately get the humor of this week across but I shall attempt to. So the UVU dancers came to our stake and did a performance and we have an investigator who loves that type of thing so we invited her. They did all these different cultural dances. Basically though, it was all the same moves. Whether it was Tahitian, Native American, or Latino they all looked the same. Sister Dobbins and I decided that we could easily get a dance scholarship to UVU if our lives came to that. Family, remember that awful Miss UVU pageant thing. This was a very similar experience. It was one of the worst things of my life, but so funny and entertaining. And our investigator loved it, so I guess that's good. Too much immodesty, though. Shirtless dancer men trying to do the haka and look intimidating but completely failing... no thanks.
Also, this week we went to a BBQ for someone in our ward. This was the most awkward BBQ that has ever happened in the history of BBQs. For real. There were quite a few nonmembers that we were able to talk to, though. So our investigator that came to the BBQ. She showed up in a belly shirt with a turban around her head and then decided to smoke on the porch where the guy was BBQing. And then this realtor man came and he was not even a real person. The way he spoke. It kills me. Sister Dobbins and I have been imitating it all weekend long. It's just so funny. Just picture a horrible announcing voice that changes decibels with every syllable and then say the most cliche things you can think of and you're pretty much there. He was even wearing his realtor nametag and tried to sell Sister Dobbins and me a house in Burien. haha. No thanks. Basically this was the best BBQ I've ever been to. And it was made better by the fact that this week I had some sort of allergic reaction or something and my eyes got big and swollen and super itchy. It looked like someone had beat me up. I had little pig slit eyes. 

Also, we were out walking to this potential's house yesterday and the mailman pulls over next to us and was like: I'm sorry, I'm just curious to see who you guys are. I don't see people wear clothes like you're wearing. We gave him a mormon.org card. But it was super funny. Wearing clothes here in Burien is kind of an unusual thing. When girls are wearing dresses, they're not dresses. They're shirts.

Okay, one experience to share with you really fast that shows just how important it is to talk with everyone. Yesterday we were pulling up to the church to meet with our Relief Society president and there was this man walking on the street. I told Sister Dobbins to hurry and park so that I could go talk to this guy. I was frantically looking for a Finding Faith in Christ card from my bag but my bag had turned into a black hole. Finally I grab one but he's already past us. So I jump out of the car and kind of chase after him and just ask him if I could give him a card. He had head phones in and it scared him so bad. He jumped so high. It was hilarious. I apologized for scaring him and we had a great little lesson. He's from India and we're having a church tour tomorrow. Wahoo. Miracles. 

Keep praying for Hector to get Sundays off, please. He's wonderful and loving the Book of Mormon. But he needs to be able to come to church. 

I love you all. Hope this letter makes sense. I was writing it so fast. CTR, okay? Love you all tons!

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