Monday, October 20, 2014


Hello family!

I am just so happy, words can't even express it. I really think this is the happiest time of my life. So Brandon is officially getting baptized this Saturday. I know we've talked about it a lot, but we had the most amazing lesson on Friday and he told us that in the past there were always little doubts in his mind and deep down he knew he wouldn't make that date. But he feels differently about this one. He said he's confident that he will be prepared for baptism this Saturday. He went to see Meet the Mormons this last week with the youth and he said he feels like that's what really made the difference. He loved the movie. We talked about the priesthood at our Young Mens President's home. It's cool because our YMP was baptized when he was nineteen so he and Brandon can relate a lot. Also Brandon came to the Member and Missionary fireside last night. More on that, later. But the Spirit was so strong! 

This last week we went tracting with Sister Miller (she's in our ward, but she's also part of the Mission Presidency). Sister Nelson and I were a bit intimidated. But it was incredible! We had such a great evening and met lots of new people that we're going to start teaching. There was this one little family from Kenya. Their son, Lyon, was just about the cutest thing ever. He loved when we sang "I Am a Child of God" and he was just so funny. I know that Heavenly Father led us to them. Another cool miracle we had a different night during tracting... we knocked on this door and this lady named Mayra answered and looked so tired. She said she was busy taking care of her husband and didn't have time to talk to us. But then in the background we hear the husband tell her to invite us in so we can say a prayer with them. We found out that he had just been in the ER that morning because of a seizure. They both looked exhausted and broken. We sang and prayed with them and they were so touched. They started visiting with us and they have been so humbled and prepared to accept the gospel. We found out that the husband, Jeff, even has a copy of the Book of Mormon. He had a friend serve a mission. Jeff said that every now and then he'll open up his Book of Mormon and read a few verses. I know that Heavenly Father needed us to meet Jeff and Mayra. I'm grateful we were led by the Holy Ghost to be in that neighborhood to go tracting. We have a return appointment for next week. 

We had dinner with Blanca this Sunday. And her son who's not a member ate with us. He's eighteen or nineteen. He hasn't been interested in taking the lessons. But he stayed for the message that we shared and then Blanca invited him to come to the Member and Missionary fireside. And he came! Those meetings are amazing. New converts bear their testimony about how and why they joined the church. And there's music and President Choi speaks, too. It was so good!

And that brings me to my last miracle I want to share with you guys. The Member and Missionary fireside was in Shoreline (my old area, Carkeek Park!). So I was really hoping to see some people I knew. I got to see Sister Hoopes, whom I love dearly! And guess what? Pat was with her! The gator Sister Salabao and I were working with while we were there. She's the cute old lady that's kind of a recluse. She was there! I couldn't believe it. Sister Salabao came and got me after and took me over to see them. Pat got teary eyed when she saw both of us back together. And Sister Hoopes did too and said she misses us and she's grateful for us. That if it weren't for us Pat wouldn't be there tonight. I know it's not because of us. We were led by the Holy Ghost to meet her and then try her back again even though she had told us she wasn't interested. I love Shoreline! I am so happy I got to see them last night. I love Sister Hoopes so much. Definitely coming back up and visiting them after. I am so grateful to be a missionary and to have met so many wonderful people. I love being a missionary. I love the people of Seattle. I love Sister Nelson! I love this gospel and I love my Savior! I love you all. CTR! 

Sister Veronica White

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