Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Another Week!

 Sister Salaboa
 Sister Lee
Sister Lee calls this our Asian tourist pose

Hello family! 

This was an eventful week. Lots happened. First off, Blake is on date for baptism! December 20. He seems really sincere. He's a little nervous about it and still has a lot to learn, but he has a lot of faith. More than he realizes. We're spending Thanksgiving with him and Bailie (his sister's), so that'll be so fun! 

Here are two really funny experiences that happened this week. I am sorry that I am not the best story teller... so who knows if they will even be funny to you. But here's my attempt. So on Friday we went to contact a referral, a YSA named David. He's from China but has been living here for about two years. He used to have a host family in Oregon who helped him to believe in God. Anyway, when we contacted him he didn't have that long before he needed to go to class. So we bore our testimony to him about The Book of Mormon and how it can bless him and about church attendance and invited him to come. At the end of the conversation I asked, "Before we leave, can we sing a song for you?" He looked at me and with all seriousness said, "Can I kiss you?" I was in shock. I looked at Sister Morrison (we were on exchanges) and her eyes were so big. I told him, "Oh, we don't do that. We just shake hands." I stuck my hand out for a handshake and he grabbed it and leaned over to kiss it. He was like an inch above my hand. I pulled my hand back so fast but he had a firm grip so he was still holding on to my hand and bending down. It was so awkward! I shifted my hand in his and shook it up and down and told him that is how we shake hands. I had Sister Morrison pray because I knew I would start laughing if I prayed. After the prayer he asked Sister Morrison if he could give us hugs. She told him there were people at church he could hug. hahaha. That was one of the most bizarre experiences of my mission... and I lived in Burien for more than a year of my mission. I've had a lot of bizarre experiences. 

The other funny thing that happened was when I was with Sister Salabao. We were on exchanges. At one of the doors we knocked this old couple answered. I told her we were missionaries but she yelled back at me that she was hard of hearing and I needed to speak up. So I yelled into her ear that we were missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and she threw up her arms in a "Go away, I'm repulsed by you" position and said, "I lived in Salt Lake for ten years. You're WAY too conservative for me." After a couple of times of asking if we could sing for her (my voice getting louder with each time) she let us sing. So we basically yelled the words of "I Am a Child of God" to her. After the song her husband said, "That was okay. Not as good as the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, though. I admire the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, but it doesn't have anything to do with the truth!" And his wife chimed in (actually, that is too delicate of a word to use here.. screamed might be more accurate) with, "Yeah, you're way too conservative!" and slammed the door. I started laughing so hard. And then to make it even better we hear them yelling at each other inside.The old lady said, "I didn't mean to be so brutal." To which her husband responded with, "Well, you have to be!" hahaha. 

I saw the Davenports on Sunday. That was a surprise. I walked into the chapel for church and Zach Davenport was standing there. And I got to see Sister Davenport, too. I love her! 

We had Zone Conference yesterday with Elder Falabella from the Seventy. It was really great. I learned a lot from the Holy Ghost. I just really love this gospel so much. And I love my mission so much. It has changed me. I had to bear my "departing testimony" yesterday. Really, it's just simple. I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and that He performed the Atonement for each one of us out of love. I know that because of the Atonement we can become better and happier than we could otherwise. I know that Heavenly Father loves each one of us more than we could ever comprehend. I know that the Book of Mormon is God's word. It changes lives. It's changed my life. I love reading the Book of Mormon because it invites the Spirit into my life. I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet. I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is Jesus Christ's true church. I love Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I love my mission. I have developed a deeper love and appreciation for my life, for my family, for this gospel, and for Them because of my mission. Words can never adequately express what my mission means to me. I am so happy.

I love you all and hope you have a great week. Always CTR and read your scriptures. Be happy! The church is true! 
Sister Veronica White

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