Monday, August 18, 2014

What a Week!

Hello family!

 I don't even know where to begin to tell you about all of the miracles we've seen this week. I can't even remember them all. Ah, where to start?

I absolutely love Sister Nelson. She is a great missionary. Really enthusiastic about the work and about being a Sister Training Leader. She is so cute and so much fun. I'm so excited to be her companion. This transfer is going to be incredible. We worked so hard this week. Harder than either of us have ever worked before. Every night come 10:30 we just fall into our beds, completely exhausted. But it's a good kind of exhausted. We are serving five companionships again this transfer but two sets are in the Seattle North zone and one set is in the Bellevue zone, so that'll be fun. We're trying to be really organized and top of things, which we all know I love! haha. 

On Wednesday we had a really good Zone Conference where we talked about how we need to be inviting EVERYONE to be baptized. I'm good at talking with everyone I see but I realized I could be a lot better at making our conversations effective and inviting them to be baptized. So ever since Thursday we've been talking to everyone about baptism. It's been so incredible to see the results. God has just poured down blessings on us! Let me tell you about just a few. 

We are teaching Melissa now. She has three boys--6, 8, 13. She is very sincere. We had a good church tour with her too. We have a family to teach! I'm so happy. Her boys were kind of in and out the first lesson but she's on date for the thirteenth of September for baptism and hopefully we can help her boys have that goal too. Please keep her in your prayers. She just lost her job and she's going through a rough time.

We finally saw Gina again! Her family and close friend had said some really negative things to her about the church and she got nervous because she felt like she couldn't really defend her new faith. She didn't know what to say. The last couple weeks have been really hard for her and we were able to help her identify that the last time she remembers being really happy and at peace was her church tour and her last lesson with us where Bishop's wife came with us. Gina loves the Book of Mormon, but had stopped studying it. It was a good reminder to me about the importance of reading the Book of Mormon everyday. It's what gives us the strength to face everyday and to be happy. Gina got a promotion at work so she'll now be working every other weekend. That's too bad... But she wants to start having lessons again. We watched "Lord, I Believe" with her by Elder Holland. It was so powerful and perfect for her. Watch that talk. So good! All of our prayers and fasting on her behalf are working. Keep praying, please. I love her so much! 

And the last miracle I want to share. We were driving home and it was 8:50 when we got there. We had ten more minutes so we decided to walk out to the street and street contact. On our way out of the parking lot we met Brandon. He told us he had been walking around for no reason. He just felt like he should go walk outside. We were able to testify of the Book of Mormon and he wants to get baptized on the thirteenth. We're meeting with him tomorrow. His family previously had talked to missionaries before but they weren't interested anymore. But he is. Wow! Such a miracle! It would have been so easy for us to go inside a few minutes early that night. We were so tired and had already worked so hard and seen a lot of blessings. But we knew if we were obedient, the Lord would bless us. And He did. And now Brandon has the opportunity to accept the restored gospel of Jesus Christ in his life. 

Miracles are real! The Atonement is real. We can be healed through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Our burdens can be lifted. We are never alone. I know this is true. God is aware of every singe one of us and He loves us. I love serving Him everyday. I know that the gospel is for everyone. Pray everyday. Read your scriptures. Look for opportunities to serve. Go to the temple. We are all commanded to help in the hastening of the work of salvation. The church is true! CTR! I love you!

Sister Veronica White

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