Monday, September 8, 2014

Miracles All Day Long

I love Sister Nelson so much!

One time I get really excited because there's something in the mail for me and then I find out that some creature in the post office decided to eat it.
  So sorry to send you a picture of my feet. Feet are gross. But look at this tan line!

Derrick and Jayden's baptism

Hello family,

How do you even begin to count your blessings? My heart is just too full, I can't even express my gratitude and happiness for all that Heavenly Father has given me. I seriously don't even know where to begin to even tell you about this week.

At the beginning of the week we went on a back to back exchange. That was tiring but fun. I am grateful to be a STL. But I'm also so grateful that Sister Nelson and I get to be together the rest of this transfer. I love her so much. We are just so grateful to be companions. I was able to go on an Exchange in the Russian area so that was a fun adventure. I had to focus so hard all day long to be able to try and understand a little bit of what was going on. But we met three new Russian families... that is such a huge miracle! 

On Saturday Derrick and Jayden were baptized. It was such a beautiful day. When Jayden came up out of the water he had the biggest smile on his face. It was one of the cutest things I've ever seen. I love those boys so much. Brandon (the boy we found in the last ten minutes of our night a few weeks ago) came to the baptism and really loved it. 

And here is where I can't even begin to count the miracles. Working with Brandon has been so much fun. Sister Nelson and I just feel so humbled and blessed to work with him. He is so prepared. He is being baptized on the 20th this month. Keep him in your prayers! He just soaks everything up that we teach him. He loves it. We had a great lesson on Thursday night with him. On Friday night he went to the youth activity. The youth have done an incredible job of fellowshipping him. Our ward has just been so great.. so behind us. He came to the baptism on Saturday. He came to church yesterday. Our church starts at 9 and it was about 9:05 and he still wasn't there. We texted him and he said he was coming. But then ten minutes later he still wasn't there. Fifteen... still wasn't there. We were freaking out a little bit, looking at the door every few seconds. Finally at about 9:30 he walks in... in a white shirt and tie! And he goes and sits next to the Churchills (his fellowshipping family). Then Brother Churchill got up to bear his testimony and kind of jokingly told Brandon he should come up too. And he did! Brandon got up and bore his testimony. He told everyone sorry he was late but he had to dig to find his "fancy clothes." Then he bore such a sweet and sincere testimony about the light that's been in his life since he's started meeting with us. And about how he's so grateful that he found this path. We were just beaming. So much joy! Then we had a lesson after church with him and he told us he was late too because he was learning how to tie a tie on youtube. hahaha. He is just the greatest. Please pray for him! 

Heavenly Father is just blessing me so much. I am so undeserving, but so very grateful. I KNOW that this is His work. I am so grateful to be able to serve a mission. It has changed my life. My testimony has become such a real, living thing on my mission and everyday I am so humbled to recognize that I have the fullness of the gospel, the restored priesthood, the TRUE church in my life. Wow! I just love it. I love you all so much. CTR! 

Sister Veronica White

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