Tuesday, December 10, 2013

December 10, 2013

Talofa family!
This week was good. There were some disappointments, that's for sure. We're no longer allowed to go to Federal Way, Kent, etc. unless we have a set appointment. But Samoans are the worst at setting appointments. Most of the time their phones are disconnected so drop bys are the only thing to do. But we're not allowed to do that anymore. We still had some referrals to go to down there. And a couple of people that we had had a brief short lesson that had invited us to come back. And we had an investigator, an older lady Ana Mose, who had been on date for December 7. But both her phones are disconnected and she hasn't come to church and we have no way of getting ahold of her. So yeah, there was some sadness this week. I just love these people so much and it's really hard to not be able to go see them. But I know that the Lord already knew this would happen long ago and He's prepared the way for us to continue to do work in the Samoan ward here in our area--the Seattle mission. Another piece of sad news was that we found out Ariana hasn't been baptized. So we were excited to tell her because she wanted to be baptized. But on Friday they just up and moved to Bellevue. We have tried calling her dad to see what's going on and if they'd still be willing to make that drive to the Samoan ward but we haven't been able to get ahold of him yet. So we'll see what happens. Keep them in your prayers.
But, even with the couple of hard things that happened this week we have seen so many miracles. God is mindful of us and He loves His children so much, that's for sure. We met Nani this week. She's a fifteen year old girl that the elders would go and visit. They hadn't told me much about her. Just that she has been through some really hard things, she's unsure of her faith about God and Jesus Christ and that she wouldn't come to church. Well we took Fuifui with us Sunday night and met her. She's a sweet girl. We set up a church tour for the next day. And oh my goodness! It was just amazing. I love giving church tours. The Spirit is always so strong. She told us a little about her past. She's been abused and her Mom is a drug dealer. The worst thing for her, though, wasn't when she was getting hit, it was when her younger sister was getting hit. She said she just couldn't take it. She's part Samoan, black, and white. But recently she's been raised by the Samoan side. She's living with her aunt and uncle who are like her parents. Recently she's started believing in God more. She believes everything happens for a reason. We had Mina and Fuifui (both young women that come out with us often) there as fellowship. Oh my goodness. They are so amazing. I love them both so much. Members are incredible. They bore such beautiful testimonies and really made Nani feel welcome. Nani is going to mutual tonight with Mina and then we have another lesson set up for Thursday. Mina is going to pick her up for church on Sunday as well. and she's on date for baptism for January 3! It was such a miracle. Oh, it just felt so good! Really keep her in your prayers. She has had such a hard life. It breaks my heart. But she's so ready for the peace that comes from the gospel. Pray that her parents allow her to be baptized. She really wants it.
We finally got back in contact with Siona again, too! It was great. We had a really good lesson where we read the Book of Mormon. He still didn't come to church though. Ugh. People need to come to church! But pray for him too. Satan is so dumb! He's really working hard on Siona trying to keep him from the blessings of the gospel. Siona is so ready but he's dealing with opposition from his wife (who isn't actually his wife.. which is why he can't get baptized).
I'm playing Silent Night for Elder Flake this Saturday. It's for the stake Christmas activity. They do it every year and apparently they get a lot of people there. So that's way scary. We're both freaking out a little bit. Hopefully I don't completely mess up.
Sister Whetten is wonderful! We get along great and we're working hard. I've told her. This is going to be the hardest working transfer we've ever had. Since it's most likely my last in Samoa I'm giving it absolutely everything I have. We are going to have baptisms this transfer!
We're switching apartments next week. To the apartment the elders were in. They're closing ours. I'm kinda sad about that. I really like our apartment. And from what I've heard of theirs... not too great. But it's all good. This'll be the first change I've had in my mission so far with housing. Weird. I've been here so long, it's crazy.

 Well, I have to go. Sorry if this is really long and random. I always feel slightly crazy as I write this trying to get everything out. But hopefully it makes sense. It also doesn't help that I'm sitting here in the public library trying not to gag because the guy across from me smells really bad. And he was getting help from this librarian lady who has an accent exactly like Mom's fake Russian one. It's making me laugh. Anyway, love you all! CTR! Read your scriptures.
Sister Veronica White

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