Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December 3, 2013

This picture wall started out small but I may never leave Samoa so it just keeps growing... I love it though!
 My Aussie with all her Aussie things.
 So it was almost curfew Wednesday night but I realized I hadn't made a turkey hand this year. And Sister Smalley had never done it before. So I made her make one. I was trying to give her an as American Thanksgiving as is possible when you're serving in a Samoan ward.

Kinda blurry but here is our district.
Talofa Family!
Oh my goodness. This week was crazy. So busy and so much to tell you. But first and foremost.... I'm still in Samoa. Holy cow. I'm really, really happy to still be here. Especially for Christmas. But not gonna lie, I'm a little in shock. I thought I would get transferred. This will be my fifth transfer out. I've never been anywhere but the Samoan ward. At transfer meeting I saw a lot of the people that I came out to the field with and everyone was really surprised to hear I'm still here. But I'm grateful.  I LOVE my Samoans! Plus I have some unfinished business here to do. Like see another baptism! It's been too long. But here's the craziest news of all. Highline A (the elders that we served with) was closed. So there are no more elders in the ward. Just me and my new companion now. So we're taking over their area book. So I'm kind of in charge of Samoa. Well obviously really it's Heavenly Father, but you know what I mean. I'm a little nervous, but it'll be good. My new companion is named Sister Whetten. I'll try and get a pic this week to send to you. She's 20, from Arizona. Seems really sweet. It'll be good. I'm still just kind of in shock, though, that it's just us sisters in the ward now.
Thanksgiving was this week. It was good. We had a Thanksgiving activity with another zone and we played volleyball and basketball. It was lots of fun. Thanks to my Samoans I can almost play volleyball without completely embarrassing myself. I think I might just stay in the Samoan ward forever though so maybe by the end of my mission I'll be good at it. Sister Smalley and I went to the Etes. We were just supposed to stop by but I think they actually waited for us to eat. But it was really nice. I'm so grateful for the Etes. I love that family so much. They're my family away from you guys. I'm grateful I was able to spend it with them. Thanksgiving dinner was so good! They actually had some palagi food for us. I was so grateful. But then we had to go and eat a second Thanksgiving meal. I thought I might die. But luckily we got away with not eating very much. I missed the family's Thanksgiving food, but oh well.
We're starting to teach Ariana. She's living with members. She's a freshman in high school. Her dad has been inactive for years so the elders were teaching him but I guess we'll be taking that over. Anyway, we requested her records because she can't remember if she's been baptized or not. Oh how I love teaching the gospel! I wish I got to do it more often. That sounds silly for a missionary to say but seriously most of the time we're just going from person to person rejecting us. Or we'll have a great first lesson with someone but they're not Samoan so we have to refer them off. But all is well. It just makes having good lessons even that much better. Hopefully we'll be able to find out about her records soon. (things tend to move slowly in a Samoan ward) She said that she would like to be baptized!
Also, huge miracle! We got ahold of Casandra! We've been trying for over a month. We met her sister, Nika, who is not interested in the gospel but she gave us Casandra's new phone number. Apparently her father in law that they're living with told her that he doesn't want the missionaries coming to their new house. So sad. But we have a church tour scheduled this week where hopefully we can talk to her and figure out a little better what's going on. But please keep her in your prayers. I really love her so much and she's really struggling right now.
Well sorry if this is really long. And random. I feel like there's so much to say but I can't even say it all. Anyway, I love you all so much! Make sure to always pray and read your scriptures. The scriptures are true. I'm so grateful for you guys! Can't wait to talk to you in less than a month! Samoa is the best ward ever and I'm so happy! CTR!
Fa soifua. Love you!
Sister Veronica White

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