Monday, July 28, 2014

The End of July?!

 Here's a photo from way back when in Shoreline. Not sure if you have it or not...

My district in Shoreline.

 Our Italian feast.
One of the families in Shoreline.

She let us come and pick blueberries!
 Sister Anderson, our Relief Society president
 Washing our car.
Sketchy car wash

Dear Family,

Hello! I got the letters from the family at the family reunion. Made me so happy. Thank you everyone for writing. I love getting mail so much! 

This was a wonderful week. Do you remember me telling you about Gina last week? Basically she's the most incredible gator ever. She is so, so prepared. I just love her so much. We met with her multiple times this week. She loves reading from the Book of Mormon. She has a gift for likening the scriptures to herself. It's awesome. I feel like I learn so much from her when we teach her. She wants this so badly. She is getting baptized on August 16. We've made a baptismal calendar with everything outlined that needs to happen before that day and she is so committed. I'm sad because it's a week after Sister Dobbins leaves. Gina is just special. I can't even express how wonderful she is. I feel so incredibly blessed to get to serve her. Her little daughter Zeylin (she's 18 months) is the cutest thing! She loves when we sing to her. They came to church on Sunday and the entire ward fell in love with her. She was waving to everyone and shaking people's hands. It was just so adorable. During Sacrament Meeting I was trying to keep her entertained so Gina could listen. This resulted in my right sleeve of my cardigan being covered with chapstick. haha. But both of them loved church. We're meeting with them again tonight. I honestly feel like Gina is one of the reasons I'm here on my mission. I want to share a cool story with you though that reminded me to not be discouraged in tracting situations. When Gina was thirteen years old she was living with her Mom. Mormon missionaries would come around and her mom didn't like them. She'd tell Gina to avoid them. One time her mom wasn't there so Gina talked to them. She was introduced to the Book of Mormon and said she just felt so good when they were talking to her. Then she went to foster care. For twelve years she's been looking for a church and a place she belongs. She said that her interaction with the missionaries and the Book of Mormon were always in the back of her mind. That it really left an impression on her. Now she's finally learning more about the church and she loves it. She loves the Book of Mormon. She reads it everyday on the bus and she bears her testimony to us. She takes notes during her readings, during our lessons, and during church. She's made me realize how much I've taken my life and my testimony for granted. We're so blessed to have this gospel. We need to make sure and appreciate it everyday. 

Also, we had Napi (one of the Samoan YW) with us on Saturday for Gina's lesson and it was just so cute. We were walking into the church and Napi turns to me and says, "Sister White, I want to serve a mission because of you. You always taking me out and letting me do missionary work, it meant a lot to me." That warmed my heart! I'm so grateful for the people I've met on my mission.

On a side note. Sister Dobbins and I were tracting and we came upon this super sketchy house. We knocked on the door once and then felt like we should turn around. As were almost at the gate this mean old man yells "Get 'em!" and unleashes this big, black dog on us. It was the scariest thing! The dog came at us and I had the gate in my hand and I was shaking so bad. Luckily Sister Dobbins steadied the gate and we secured it and walked away. I may or may not have been crying a little bit. haha. It's fine. 

Also, keep me in and Sister Dobbins in your prayers, please. We're both really sick. We ate something bad on Friday night. Saturday night our throats were hurting. And today I can't even hear or breathe or swallow. It feels like I'm underwater. 

Well I love you all so much! Sorry if this is long. I'm praying for you all everyday. Read your scriptures, watch Mormon Messages, listen to General Conference talks, pray. CTR! 

Sister Veronica White

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